Ancient Giants Are ‘Playing Dead’ In Underground Caves, Claims A Popularizer

Almost a century ago, a remarkable discovery was made. In some sort of resuscitation capsules, numerous ancient giants were kept in a cave beneath the earth’s surface

Humanity’s past is exceedingly convoluted. They have led us to believe that the canon they are teaching us is the only one that could exist. Nonetheless, it is already hard to refute the fact that enormous creatures existed in antiquity.


Corey Goode, a whistleblower, claims to have worked with the US government’s covert space activities and programs for decades.

At that time, he saw many unusual things happen and went to places that he was unaware existed and were unavailable to the general public.

According to his story, there are stasis-bound sleeping giants hiding all around the world in subterranean rooms.
He claimed that between 1987 and 2007 while working on the covert space program chores, he was continuously checking the data on the “intelligent glass pads.”


The staff of the Solar Warden and other top-secret space missions had access to this system, which was modeled after Wikipedia. There existed knowledge about Earth, such as information on ancient artifacts, extraterrestrial life, and cutting-edge technologies.

Goode asserted to have studied details regarding ancient giants who existed on Earth. In capsules, however, they are currently “asleep,” as though hibernating.

An ancient underground chamber where the Anunnaki were kept in a condition of suspended animation is one of the most significant locations associated with this.


The chamber was constructed by a “ancient race of builders,” according to the popularizer. being the last of their kind, giants that are hibernating.

This civilization had technology that could change the course of time at the time of its demise. Several years could go by, yet for the person inside the capsule, it would only be a few minutes.

These claims are contested by many because Goode only offered his story as support.

He claimed that the information from the smart glass pads also showed that Abraham Lincoln saw one of these sleeping giants. This took place in the prehistoric mounds that were discovered in the US.


This isn’t completely incorrect. In actuality, Licol made reference to the giants in a lecture he delivered in 1848 at Niagara Falls.

The eyes of that ancient race of giants, whose remains are found in American mounds, “have stared up at Niagara, as ours do now.”

Clearly, the technology used to create these capsules is far superior to our own. Despite being prevalent on Earth for thousands of years, no one has been able to recreate it.

Goode is unsure of the “why” for his hibernation. He does, however, think that the cosmic energies that the solar system is increasingly producing may hold the key to finding the solution. He claims that space systems have been closely monitoring this.

When faced with these kinds of concerns, it’s fair to be skeptical to some extent. But even in our earliest cultures, giants exist. Even then, our ancestors described their battles with them. Is it feasible that some of these specimens are sleeping so they can awaken when they should?

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